Company Profile

A&K Risk Management Consulting is a company providing consultants on «special cases», with specification on management of company crisis and people. The unique and specified confrontation of each problem, without superficiality, amateurism and casualness, is a necessary component for the proper function of A&K Risk Management Consulting.

A&K Risk Management Consulting offers a big variety of services related to risk administration, for the creation and maintenance of a safe environment for its customers.

Every partner of A&K Risk Management Consulting has been chosen for a specific knowledge sector or service. The relationships that have been created are the result of many years’ of different combinations of co-operations and positive results for its customers. A&K Risk Management Consulting provides powerful solutions through to a global supporting network, for the successful confrontation and control of any complicated challenge that the customers faces. The solutions that A&K Risk Management Consulting provides are long-termed and profitable for every client who will trust it.

All the services of A&K Risk Management Consulting are specialized depended on the customer’s needs and have a huge range of knowledge on the subject. The existent way of operation of each enterprise of A&K Risk Management Consulting and the possibilities of the enterprise’s employees, predetermine the final result that has to be covered by the danger analysis of A&K Risk Management Consulting staff, based on real needs.